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Posted by Jackie on June 14, 2010


This is just one example of the handmade-from-scrap models in the Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre. The theatre’s wikipedia page says it’s like “Hieronymous Bosch meets Heath Robinson”. It made me think at the time “Tim Burton meets Banksy in a scrap yard, with lots of vodka”. Each model does its thing in turn, accompanied by a range of music from Russian drinking songs to Scottish folk music. It’s really fantastic!

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Posted by Jackie on June 13, 2010


Yes I know the blog’s having a break, but I’m procrastinating, so what better excuse to put up a couple of new photos!

A couple of months ago I finally made it to one of Glasgow’s more bizarre attractions, the Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre. It was quite bonkers, but utterly wonderful – I’ll put up another couple of pictures over the next day or so. Well worth a visit.

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