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Posted by Jackie on April 23, 2009


The reason we went to Queen’s Park at the weekend was to see if we could see any ducklings, although I was pretty sure (and was right) that we were too early for that. We did manage to see some baby coots, but the two photos I managed to take of them (before my camera batteries gave up) were both rubbish, too far away for my not-particularly-strong zoom and also not helped by one of the adult coots constantly swimming in front of them, presumably to protect them from the paparazzi! I did though manage to catch this fine fellow preening himself, he seemed quite unpeturbed to be photographed, probably he was aware how lovely he looks.

Thank you for all the get-well-soons. I’m back working, not 100% but should be visiting blogs again soon (I have another deadline coming up, so looking at other people’s blogs is ideal procrastination 😀 ).

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