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Metal beauty

Posted by Jackie on December 29, 2009


I never tire of seeing the metal Christmas trees around the city centre – they have them in Buchanan Street, Argyle Street and outside the Gallery of Modern Art. After a while it gets to be a bit of a challenge taking a different shot, but I was quite pleased with this one (not monochrome, it just looks like it!).

In other news, happy anniversary to my beloved! 😀 I can’t believe we got married 2 years ago today, it’s gone so quickly. But it’s been 2 wonderful years – here’s to many more!

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Boxing Day

Posted by Jackie on December 26, 2009


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are recovering today from the festivities.

I’ll have only sporadic internet access for a while as we go out and about, but magic photos are set up for the next week so nobody need miss their Glasgow photo fix 🙂

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Merry Christmas everyone!

Posted by Jackie on December 25, 2009


I wish all the readers of this blog a peaceful and happy and blessed Christmas. Thank you for visiting throughout the year and leaving so many positive and supportive comments.

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Posted by Jackie on September 2, 2009


Some more old photos, as I really need to get out more taking more pictures. This tree is in the Botanic Gardens – I don’t think it’s a Monkey Puzzle Tree as the branches seem too close together, but I have no idea what it actually is.

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Leaves and sky and moon

Posted by Jackie on June 10, 2009


I was pleased with this picture, taken a few weeks ago in Queen’s Park. Actually it reminds me of how I draw trees when I do drawings, you see every single leaf and lots of space between them. It’s nice to know that sometimes that is actually realistic rather than just me trying to be arty and making up for my lack of ability to draw things realistically!

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Red light?

Posted by Jackie on March 10, 2009


Although it’s a bit shaky I do like this photo, taken about a month ago at the university while waiting for my bus home. The sky didn’t seem like this colour at the time, but I guess with the long camera exposure it’s able to pick up all the light pollution from the city.

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Snow in the trees

Posted by Jackie on February 12, 2009


The snow in the Botanic Gardens really looked beautiful. It’s all disappeared from the trees now (though lots of grassy areas still have some snow). I’m glad I managed to capture the tree snow before it all went.

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Posted by Jackie on January 7, 2009


It was the strange and slightly mad twisty branches of this little tree that caught my eye here, from just up the road from the university library. But of course it’s the traffic cone that really makes it a Glasgow picture 🙂

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